10 things of which I’m partially comfortable with the idea of strangers knowing:


1. I’m the most introverted person I know. It goes without saying that I prefer working independently, though I have a knack for tactically leading teams to victory.
2. I understand a little French/German/Japanese. I like learning languages in general (including programming ones). I’m currently self-studying R and Korean.
3. I enjoy discussions on the Myers-Briggs personality type theory. After years of reading related literature, I think it’s safe to claim that I’m proficient at identifying MBTI profiles now (guess mine. haha)
. I’m not religious but I’d rather attribute the events of my life to an understanding planner (God) than to fickle, impulsive destiny.
5. Not materialistic but if you’re going to give me gifts, I’d appreciate them even more if they’re card/board games or related to my fandoms. 😀 I’m building my own card game collection.
6. I’m both a morning person and a night-owl. Usually I survive with just 4 hours of sleep, and wake up between 5-7am regardless of how late I went to bed.
7. I spend weekends attending university classes and studying in the office. #actuariallife
I also recently gave up gaming and anime for actuarial exams and research (and I don’t regret it).
8. I enjoy watching anime, cosplay, reading manhwa, playing games, studying things unrelated to my field of study, and occasionally doing things that people deem uncharacteristic of me (like bluffing on poker).
9. I remember special dates well. And I once recovered all of my hacked accounts at once thanks to my incredible memory. :))
10. I have a thing for brilliant strategies (thanks to Sun Tzu and Machiavelli) to the point that Palparan still amazed me no matter how much I hate his crimes.

Edit(4/15/17): There used to be 20 items on the list but I realized most of them are outdated or too cheesy for my taste XD

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