Graduation – External


I wasn’t very excited for my own graduation. Or at least I expected myself to be far more excited than this.

Though that was the case, I had a lot to be thankful for about this special weekend:

  • My whole family (except one selfish brother) came to celebrate with me.
  • I got to spend quality time with Chris (and even met his parents XD)
  • I looked acceptable by my standards (though a bit unsatisfied with the makeup)
  • Several people from the actuarial division were present and we had opportunity for a group photo
  • My photographer friend Tristan was available and willing to work on a photoshoot checklist that I made
  • I am not close with this batch of graduates (neither with my own), so got to skip the group photos and was off to a head start with the checklist before the venue got very crowded
  • Almost every item on that checklist was checked (Jenny where were you? D:) and a few surprise items happened as well (my mom and Dr. JD’s first meeting, my first pic w/ the oblation statue, etc.)
  • The logistics involving my family went smoothly. Contrary to what I expected, I didn’t get stressed!
  • It didn’t rain! Except for when my close friends and I were already safely celebrating in a restaurant
  • First picture with my video gamer/anime lover friend Lance! And David gave me a creative grad gift 😀
  • I had graduation photos with the PSG team and Dr. JD invited us to her residence for a graduation dinner
  • Update: I didn’t need to pay anything for my grad photos because they only took 7/10

All in all it was a good experience. Hopefully my next graduation ceremonies (hello grad school!) will be at least as nice 😀


Recognition day

I finally got to attend the annual awarding ceremony for college and university scholars. I probably wouldn’t have been aware of the event if Dr. JD hadn’t invited me to go with her. The thought of earning a CS standing two semesters ago and US standing last semester didn’t even cross my mind until she asked. Yay for opportunity!


I was going to ask Dr. Guido to accompany me to the stage but he was busy that time, so I asked Dr. JD to come back for me once she was done escorting her children Dx and Xyd. XD I had so much fun sharing anime series and movies with Dy and watching her put up with Chi (/kai/?)’s incessant bickering. XD I’m grateful that they always make me feel welcome.

Thesis it!

I just passed my final submissions. Oh my god I can’t believe it. After one fruitless and one productive semester and 5 thesis topic revisions, I’m finally going to graduate! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA


I’m honestly not used to the idea. My very last semester in college is about to end, and there’s something inside me that yearns to be sentimental but I just can’t outwardly express. But I take comfort in knowing that I have minimal regrets. 🙂