League of Legends

Secret Agent Miss Fortune


The Bounty Hunter, my marksman of choice back when I was active in the League of Legends scene. 😀 I don’t even play anymore due to my increasingly busy schedule, but this cosplay is to bring the dreams of my past self to life. I have always been a fan of the femme fatale look so I really enjoyed working on this one.



I initially planned to do Arcade Sona but I’ve been constantly putting off any cosplay progress since I started working until I ran out of time, so I figured SAMF is the best choice since I don’t have to put as much of effort into acquiring the materials.

My only regret was that I put off buying the tickets until the deadline of the online selling went by, and I had no choice but to buy the 600php tickets. I gave the skin freebies to my newly discovered LoL player co-workers, and I plan to sell the free shirt to my brother haha!


Good thing my friend Tristan agreed to go be my photographer and manager in spite of being antisocial. 😀 I like how I was the only SAMF in the convention, and that things turned out okay in spite of my difficulty in smiling.


Lux (The Lady of Luminosity) has always been my favorite champion. She was worth 9600IP (most expensive) at the time I entered the League of Legends scene, so I worked hard to attain her. She was the first champ for whom I had a skin purchased. And I led ranked teams to victory, thanks to her! 😀


It merits no surprise then, that she’s one of the characters I’ve been dreaming of cosplaying. And it finally happened at this year’s Rampage!

It was my first time to spend an entire day with Tristan, who I hired to be my personal photographer and manager for that event. We were lucky to be able to secure tickets despite being walk-in guests! XD The following photos were grabbed from his facebook:



I was one of the first people to change into their costumes, and crowds flocked before me as soon as I stepped out of the dressing area. People had gotten my attention to take pictures with me in past conventions before, but not in this magnitude (fun fact: there was an estimated attendance of 14000 this year). It was REALLY hard to get from place to place (people would get my attention and/or block me after only a few steps), and with 4 hours of standing in tight heels, excruciating pain in ever step. :(( I wasn’t able to get my loot bag in the end, all I wanted to do was walk barefoot along Manila Bay (and I almost did XD).



Fortunately, meeting with Nina spiced up my day. 😀 I taught her how to play League a year ago, and now she’s gotten to love a well-hated character, haha.


with Nina as Teemo!

She was threatened that I brought a new guy, but I assured her that he’s not my boyfriend, duh (I found out that guys were looking for me and asking the same thing in the forums after the event, haha…)

I honestly don’t know if I would want to go to the next LoL conventions (probably if Nina insists) and re-experience the same inconveniences, but it won’t stop me from cosplaying a few more of my beloved lady champs. 😀


Photo credit: Ron Mancilla


Bloodmoon Akali


This unit is a flippin’ ninja.

My barkada (except for David, he’s on a field trip) and I went to UPD for a video game character photoshoot. I went as Bloodmoon Akali from my favorite RTS game League of Legends, while Nina dressed up as  Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken. We were used as subjects/models for a photography class hosted by a club from her company. In turn, we got some high quality photos. Win-win!


Akali is my secondary champ. I have the highest kill score and KDA ratio with her, and even once scored a memorable quadrakill. 😀


I actually went to OzineFest two years ago as this character, but I had to remake the scythe this time due to battle damage, lol.


I obviously crammed it and didn’t have enough time to make the elaborate designs on the blade.


Afterwards, we did a photoshoot of our own for Joey’s 18th birthday. 😀

P1120926 - Copy.JPG

Drawstuff #2


Myself as Lulu, or Lulu as myself (with the frizzy hair and lethargic expression and everything)

I’ve been a fan of League of Legends since 2011, sometimes my love for it goes to the point of addiction. I recently joined a growing community of female League of Legends players named PWNStars, where I got to befriend and play with women who are more or less of my age. This is revolutionary in the Philippine gaming scene, where female gamers are the minor demographic.


I made it a thing to draw something LoL-inspired for my newly found gamer friends. Quality is sketchy since I’m still just learning how to use my tablet and Paint tool SAI.