Secret Agent Miss Fortune


The Bounty Hunter, my marksman of choice back when I was active in the League of Legends scene. πŸ˜€ I don’t even play anymore due to my increasingly busy schedule, but this cosplay is to bring the dreams of my past self to life. I have always been a fan of the femme fatale look so I really enjoyed working on this one.



I initially planned to do Arcade Sona but I’ve been constantly putting off any cosplay progress since I started working until I ran out of time, so I figured SAMF is the best choice since I don’t have to put as much of effort into acquiring the materials.

My only regret was that I put off buying the tickets until the deadline of the online selling went by, and I had no choice but to buy the 600php tickets. I gave the skin freebies to my newly discovered LoL player co-workers, and I plan to sell the free shirt to my brother haha!


Good thing my friend Tristan agreed to go be my photographer and manager in spite of being antisocial. πŸ˜€ I like how I was the only SAMF in the convention, and that things turned out okay in spite of my difficulty in smiling.

Arima Kousei


For the holy week, Nina and I decided to do a photoshoot inspired by the pilot episode of the anime Shigatsu wa kimi no uso (Your Lie in April). Nina plans to post the pictures on April 1, because April fools. XD I dressed up as Kousei (the depressed musician whose life was about to change), and she, Kaori (the most enthusiastic girl he’s ever met).


Tristan’s attempt to turn the leaves pink. πŸ˜€

This has honestly been the easiest legit costume to put together (I acquired all of the main materials within a day, ready to wear, except for the shirt that I had a friend print last semester), but the photoshoot itself so far had the most challenging logistics.

My family had already gone home to the province, and I had to wait for Nina to finish working on Wednesday night, we both needed to hurry and get on a bus together amidst the great population vying for very limited space. Very very fortunately, Nina got off work before midnight (though she risked violating company rules just to make this shoot possible), and there was a spacious (at the time we found it) bus inside the ninja (not very popular, defies the law of supply and demand) station that I highly recommend. We got home around 6:30am due to the heavy traffic (surprise, surprise).

Conveniently, my family has been very supportive during her stay. And the DSLR camera under my brother’s care was working! And we had spare HQ cameras! And Joshua Mosada (Nina’s ex-suitor, haha) was willing to travel from Pangasinan to serve as our photographer for free! And the venue was private and right behind our house! * u *


The wig was damn pricey but receiving the highest compliments from Nina made the purchase worth it. (yay?) While the success of this shoot relied heavily on luck and her sacrifice, at the end of the day we didn’t care anymore, we just stayed chill (which merited a binge-watching session of Sherlock).


UPDATE (04/02/16): Here is the final photoset. Special thanks to Mikko Balderama (Nina’s #1 suitor) for the edits, under Nina’s direction πŸ™‚

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Umaru (half-baked himouto)

Umaru Doma is a teen who has a reputation for being perfect on the outside world but is actually spoiled rotten at home, with her pet/manservant brother always reluctantly cleaning up after her. All she does at home is laze around, eat junk food (without ever ruining her figure), and play video games. Basically, my ideal teenage life! XD

In the series title, Himouto!! Umaru-chan, Himouto is a wordplay between himono-onna (a young woman who doesn’t care about her manly behavior/indoor appearance and has given up on relationships) and imouto (younger sister). Sounds familiar?

Costume is still half-baked ’cause I don’t have the right wig yet and can’t do a decent photoshoot. :3 Nina also wants to do this character, so we agreed to share her.

She’s cute and perfect and all, but the most appealing aspect of Umaru to me is her high level of gaming skill. She is undoubtedly one of the best gamers in the anime universe. So I was more excited to put together the outfit (complete with the hat and bag) of her gaming persona, UMR.

himouto 0401

An arcade photoshoot would be great! I haven’t had the opportunity to arrange it yet, the photographers I know are so busy. But I did get to wear it for my friend Nathan’s birthday (too embarrassed to wear the hat though XD).



Lux (The Lady of Luminosity) has always been my favorite champion. She was worth 9600IP (most expensive) at the time I entered the League of Legends scene, so I worked hard to attain her. She was the first champ for whom I had a skin purchased. And I led ranked teams to victory, thanks to her! πŸ˜€


It merits no surprise then, that she’s one of the characters I’ve been dreaming of cosplaying. And it finally happened at this year’s Rampage!

It was my first time to spend an entire day with Tristan, who I hired to be my personal photographer and manager for that event. We were lucky to be able to secure tickets despite being walk-in guests! XD The following photos were grabbed from his facebook:



I was one of the first people to change into their costumes, and crowds flocked before me as soon as I stepped out of the dressing area. People had gotten my attention to take pictures with me in past conventions before, but not in this magnitude (fun fact: there was an estimated attendance of 14000 this year). It was REALLY hard to get from place to place (people would get my attention and/or block me after only a few steps), and with 4 hours of standing in tight heels, excruciating pain in ever step. :(( I wasn’t able to get my loot bag in the end, all I wanted to do was walk barefoot along Manila Bay (and I almost did XD).



Fortunately, meeting with Nina spiced up my day. πŸ˜€ I taught her how to play League a year ago, and now she’s gotten to love a well-hated character, haha.


with Nina as Teemo!

She was threatened that I brought a new guy, but I assured her that he’s not my boyfriend, duh (I found out that guys were looking for me and asking the same thing in the forums after the event, haha…)

I honestly don’t know if I would want to go to the next LoL conventions (probably if Nina insists) and re-experience the same inconveniences, but it won’t stop me from cosplaying a few more of my beloved lady champs. πŸ˜€


Photo credit: Ron Mancilla


Ririchou Shirakiin


It’s ToyCon again, and I went as our favorite INTJ tsuntsun from Inu X Boku SS, Ririchou! Naturally, Nina went with me as Karuta (their personalities don’t match since Nina’s outgoing and extroverted while Karuta likes being solitary, but both are quite cute).

It’s the first time I got praised for my makeup. :O I was so surprised since I don’t know how to put on makeup artistically.



Unfortunately we didn’t get to take decent pictures ’cause we were busy exploring the place, and I had trouble maintaining the wig. 😐 We’ll have a photoshoot someday for sure!

Turning Japanese

The whole day was planned out as a surprise for Joey on her birthday, and here’s the main event: Yukata photoshoot! πŸ˜€


We took her to La Mesa Ecopark, where we shared her “pizza of the month” and dressed up as traditional Japanese ladies.

J1kimonocover - Copy

And of course, we dragged David along with us. He was the one who brought us into one another’s lives, after all. πŸ™‚ Also present was kuya Mikko, Nina’s new guy, as cameraman. We have the coolest barkada pics now XD


Some solo shots (we used two cameras, as evident in the difference in quality). Do I pass for a Japanese? XD

Ruby Rose

I chose to dress up as her for my creative shot to honor the great Monty Oum, creator of the seriesΒ  RWBY, who recently passed away.


Ruby isn’t my favorite character personality-wise, but she has one of the most badass fanart out there (or I really just have a thing for red and black).

Pros: legit reason to skip the thesis meetup session (which I regularly dread, as a true introvert)
Cons: because RED + BADASS, I was the center of attentionΒ  (which I also dread as an introvert, but at least I feel a bit awesome)

11003940_904822492890815_1800071853_n - Copy

Photo credit: Tristan Cervas



This could really use a RWBY logo

She might look serious and badass, but she’s actually a goofy character.


How do I replicate that? I’m bad at making wacky/goofy poses (and smiling)…

P1160263 - CopyP1160254

Thanks to my trusty friend David (fellow RWBY fan) for creating the white accessories and helping me acquire and put on this extremely tight costume. D: πŸ˜€