Month: May 2016

PS co-hosting experience


It was my first time to be on-air for Pinoy Scientist yesterday. Our guest scientists for the “Science, Technology and Society” episode were Dr. Sonia Jacinto of the UP Diliman Institute of Biology and Dr. Ginny Cruz, soon to be a DOST Balik Scientist.

Dr. Sonia talked about plant extracts in cancer research, while Dr. Ginny discussed chemisthesis, her work as a chemosensory neuroscientist, and the connection between Sci & Tech and society.



It turns out that the extent of my fear of public speaking happens to include broadcasting. Even Dr. Guido found that a bit ridiculous ’cause it doesn’t involve a physical audience, but… I can’t help but feel uptight about the whole thing because at the very core I am afraid of messing up. PS is a nationwide program after all (and the fact that my family would be tuning in just added to the pressure :(( ). I bypassed the liquor ban and drank a few shots of whiskey before the show but it didn’t completely dispel my nervousness.  I was so awkward and couldn’t even express myself well in Filipino. 😦 Good thing Dr. JD was very considerate and Deewai went with us to give some moral support. 😀

All that stress, and I’m going to have to experience it every other Sunday! D: Well, joining the team has always been my choice and I don’t regret it. I can’t watch the interview video without cringing at this point, but I’m glad that things will get better from here as I gradually improve (otherwise that would suck, haha). I just have to be able to prepare more for the interviews and learn to ask better questions.



PSG Updates

At last, the Pinoy Siyentista Group was able to hold a successful meeting, thanks to Dr. JD’s insistence and the tempting promise of free food (JK. but Dr.JD really made the effort to prepare a feast for us, and everything was delish). It was of utmost importance since we’ve been really uncoordinated as a group lately, unable to carry out some the projects that were planned for the election season.

I’m impressed that the meeting turned out to be more organized. Of course a lot of new projects were brought up, but this time Dr. Custer took down notes on the implementation brainstorming (I recorded the proceedings on my phone just in case). Our individual roles were given definition:

External affairs: Dr. Custer
General manager: Dr. JD
Business & promotion: Dr. Guido (though I’m pretty sure he’ll delegate some of his tasks to me)
Website: me (ugh, I can’t wait to have a “Dr.” title XD )

Concrete strategies to make the show flourish and win more mass media awards were discussed. And Dr. Custer, being an out-of-this-world thinker, proposed a few ideas exactly of that nature (secret, for the time being XD ).

It’s amusing how my academic “barkada” of 40+ year olds seem to be far more passionate about life than me, whose youth elicits a tinge of envy among them XD but their drive is, as always, amazingly inspirational. 😀


Miracles (奇跡)

Getting out of an abusive “relationship”. Gathering enough courage to leave my toxic social environment behind and start anew.

Transforming from an immature and pathetic INFP into an INTJ with great potential and a higher existence.

Being able to forgive and start rebuilding a close friendship with someone who I once kicked out of my life.

Garnering the highest possible grade in my mandatory speech communication class, and enjoying it in spite of an extreme case of public speaking anxiety. Being brave enough to always volunteer to be the first speaker.

Scoring an interview with the actuarial division of my dream company, even though the dean said the odds were against me. Getting noticed by the division head, and claiming that last spot in the final list of interns.

Standing (and screaming) within 3 meters from my favorite band one fateful night.

Starting a close friendship with the guy in my team who I found really hard to like due to personality conflicts, thanks to a Shin ramyeon cooking session.

Being offered a lifelong mentorship by the professor about whom I’ve only been daydreaming being taken under his wing a year ago, even if back then I thought it would be impossible due to his time constraints and my lack of a good impression.

Opening up to my mentor and discovering that my life story is incredibly parallel to his comic book character.

Having pleasantly exciting dreams that turned out to be precognitive.

Finding people whose inner demons play well with mine.

Leading my teams to victory several times. Earning the titles “favorite advisee” and Ms. Game Theory.

Not succumbing to anxiety and falling apart during my thesis defense, contrary to what I expected.

Improving my confidence and self-esteem by tapping into the power of my dominant mindset, in spite of myself.

Having my top choice and four other backup careers, despite not having a clue exactly a year ago on what to do upon graduating.

Entering the realm of broadcast communication in spite of being a terrible and under-confident speaker.

Being PM-ed by a chess classmate who I’ve been extremely fond of since the semester we met, who I’ve always wanted to make my protegee and bond with over anime and strategy games, who I’ve occasionally spent nostalgic moments with in dreams, who I thought wasn’t going to be in my life ever again.

Being consistently recognized and remembered by the professor of the only math subject I ever failed (even though I’m not very memorable as a student and we had that class way back when I was still a sophomore), and being a close friend of his family years later.

Staying alive.

Learning how to be emotionally independent in its truest sense, thanks to the emotional trauma I went through. And being able to bounce back from that slump much quicker than expected.

Getting noticed by the man I like on the days I felt most invisible. Discovering that he happens to like me too.

Being able to collaborate with the awesome people who I used to only admire for their work.

Meeting with my intellectual best friend from elementary, with whom I haven’t spoken for years. Easily picking up from where our friendship bookmark lies.

Getting a friend to graduate in spite of all her academic and financial hardships.

“The harder I work, the luckier I get.”

— Jay Samit

“Make interesting choices, and you will have an interesting biography.”

— James Altucher

In this lifetime, I choose to help make happen as many miracles as I can. 🙂