Month: April 2016

Pinoy Scientist’s first award!

It’s official, our radio show is now award-winning! * u * Thanks to the efforts of Dr. Custer and company, Pinoy Scientist bagged the title Best Science and Technology Radio Program at the prestigious 24th KBP Golden Dove Awards, along with the highly coveted shiny trophy that came with it.


That afternoon, Dr. Custer instructed the team to attend the event so Dr. JD asked me to accompany her. She literally dragged me away from Dr. Guido (who decided not to come in order to enjoy his birthday leave) to her car as it started to rain (which would’ve made for a dramatic scene had he chased after me XD ). Anyway, that incredibly long travel was worth it. I got to see Dr. Custer in the flesh once again, and he offered to make me a research assistant for a groundbreaking project in the works, which I accepted right off the bat because I want to work on something more scientific for my master’s degree (and partly because I was flattered that he sees value in me XD ).

According to Dr. Custer, the show has consistently been a finalist in the S&T program category for 3 years now. But we weren’t actually expecting to win because some of the nominees we met before the event told us that they were already informed of whether they won or not, whereas we didn’t have an idea, so we entertained the possibility that we weren’t informed because we didn’t win so we simply enjoyed the food (especially Dr. Custer, haha). I jokingly told him to craft a speech just in case. I readied my camera to capture that moment too, just in case.


So when Pinoy Scientist did get called onstage to receive the award, I was shocked that they wanted me to come with them as a representative as well. :O I was overwhelmed so I didn’t get to say a word in front of the mic. XD So was Dr. Custer, who thankfully managed to improvise something about this venture being a scientist’s adventure or something, and Dr. JD, who unfortunately forgot to say her tagline “Happiness”. The event is going to be televised so if you happen to catch it, you’ll see how awkward we were (then again, who expects scientists to do well in highly social situations? XD ).

We had a short photo session with the golden dove trophy (too bad Dr. Guido wasn’t around) and left right away to catch the last train rides, but not before crossing paths with Dr. Roque (my institute’s director and calculus professor), the driving force behind our rival S&T show. Dr. Custer and JD were super extra happy that night, inspired to improve the show for future mass media awards (note that Dr. Custer loves competitions XD ). Me, I’m just proud to be part of this award-winning venture and happy that I’ll be able to make a big contribution to the show too, really soon. 🙂


Recognition day

I finally got to attend the annual awarding ceremony for college and university scholars. I probably wouldn’t have been aware of the event if Dr. JD hadn’t invited me to go with her. The thought of earning a CS standing two semesters ago and US standing last semester didn’t even cross my mind until she asked. Yay for opportunity!


I was going to ask Dr. Guido to accompany me to the stage but he was busy that time, so I asked Dr. JD to come back for me once she was done escorting her children Dx and Xyd. XD I had so much fun sharing anime series and movies with Dy and watching her put up with Chi (/kai/?)’s incessant bickering. XD I’m grateful that they always make me feel welcome.

Goal [1/20]

Get accepted into my target company’s actuarial division:

I didn’t want to post about this earlier because I was afraid to jinx it, but now that it has been confirmed by the division head, I’ll allow my pessimistic self to let my guard down and feel proud for once. 😀

Why is Manulife DS my first choice? First, I’m aware that it won’t take as much mental/emotional energy for me to adjust to the workplace and the culture since I’ve undergone a certain degree of immersion during my internship days, compared to starting from scratch with a new company. Back then I had already constructed a system in my mind on how to live optimally under those conditions (subject to modification, since I have recently revised my life plan). Secondly, northbound travel time is generally shorter in the morning (mainly why I’m reluctant to consider companies in Makati). I’m also considering to move somewhere nearer to my workplace to minimize it. And lastly, it is conveniently located close to my university! This is important since most applied math courses I plan to take are offered only during weekdays. TL;DR: I’m generally risk-averse when it comes to spending my resources. XD

This calls for a mental celebration! 😀 (and a lot of pre-employment documents to process T__T)

What is excellence?

Excellence is being excelsior.
Excellence is outdoing yourself.
Excellence is rising above mediocrity.
Excellence is conquering the self.
Excellence is ever within reach yet never grasped.

— D. Young