Month: February 2015

Ruby Rose

I chose to dress up as her for my creative shot to honor the great Monty Oum, creator of the series  RWBY, who recently passed away.


Ruby isn’t my favorite character personality-wise, but she has one of the most badass fanart out there (or I really just have a thing for red and black).

Pros: legit reason to skip the thesis meetup session (which I regularly dread, as a true introvert)
Cons: because RED + BADASS, I was the center of attention  (which I also dread as an introvert, but at least I feel a bit awesome)

11003940_904822492890815_1800071853_n - Copy

Photo credit: Tristan Cervas



This could really use a RWBY logo

She might look serious and badass, but she’s actually a goofy character.


How do I replicate that? I’m bad at making wacky/goofy poses (and smiling)…

P1160263 - CopyP1160254

Thanks to my trusty friend David (fellow RWBY fan) for creating the white accessories and helping me acquire and put on this extremely tight costume. D: 😀