Month: February 2014

Bloodmoon Akali


This unit is a flippin’ ninja.

My barkada (except for David, he’s on a field trip) and I went to UPD for a video game character photoshoot. I went as Bloodmoon Akali from my favorite RTS game League of Legends, while Nina dressed up as  Ling Xiaoyu from Tekken. We were used as subjects/models for a photography class hosted by a club from her company. In turn, we got some high quality photos. Win-win!


Akali is my secondary champ. I have the highest kill score and KDA ratio with her, and even once scored a memorable quadrakill. 😀


I actually went to OzineFest two years ago as this character, but I had to remake the scythe this time due to battle damage, lol.


I obviously crammed it and didn’t have enough time to make the elaborate designs on the blade.


Afterwards, we did a photoshoot of our own for Joey’s 18th birthday. 😀

P1120926 - Copy.JPG