Month: April 2013

Drawstuff #5

Exactly a year after I lost a dear friend, I met a new friend from chess class. We have a really interesting how-you-met story, and due to our similar interests we’re growing closer by the day. One of our main ventures is a post-apocalyse webcomic entitled Romantically Apocalyptic. We have often have role-playing games where I identify as a sane sniper and he leads as Zee (crazy) Captein.


Here is a drawing of myself as Snippy (featuring a panda Captein):


He has confessed to having romantic interests towards me, but I can’t return his feelings because reasons (though I can’t help but evaluate him rationally). Anyway, I do like him for igniting an adventurous spirit in me, as well as a newfound curiosity towards nature and a stronger interest in chess.


I’m just glad he’s helping me let go, one step at a time.