Month: May 2012

Drawstuff #4

I recently finished watching a magical girl anime series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It has so far been one of the most devastating anime series I’ve ever watched. Word of advice: do not be fooled by the cuteness and innocence of the characters.

Of course, it induced an impulse-drawing spree of my favorite magical girls (personality-wise).


The past few weeks have honestly been very sad for me. I have lost a dear friend due to unresolved trust issues, and it’s weighing me down. Here’s where art comes in, as a convenient mode of expression and a tool for release.


I drew this piece for my friend, thinking of the song he sang to me on a friday evening, “99 Red Balloons”. These, I swear, are my final conscious thoughts of him.

I think of you and let it go.